Vehicle Hire FAQs

Vehicle Hire Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to cover the most frequently asked questions however please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.

Good news, you can! But there will be a £10.00 administration fee. 

You will need to go to and follow the instructions to create a ‘check code’ 

Once you have created the ‘check code’ this will be valid for 21 days. You will need to share this with us, allowing us to see the necessary details to permit you to hire one of our vehicles. 

If you have 9 or less penalty points you are good to go. Unfortunately if you have any more than this you will be unable to hire one of our vehicles.

Please note if you have a DD, DR, IN, TT or BA endorsement within the last 5 years you are not able to hire from us.

EU, Commonwealth & North American licences are normally acceptable, but we would need to check with our insurers first. If you hold a foreign licence and are living in the UK,you must also be able to provide a valid passport and proof of current UK address.

If you are hiring your vehicle whilst on holiday in the UK you must be able to produce your return confirmation or e-ticket.